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I don't understand


I don't understand these people,Hiding behind a shadow of their demon,Can't look into the mirror cause they’re dreaming,A mannequin human being.Subconscious tears and a fake smile,
Being hostile to problems, they would never admire.
I don't understand these people,
Fuck I can’t understand these people,
So hold down the chronicle,
Microphone phenomenal,
Everything is possible, unstoppable.
It’s pathetic, we buy Iphones on credit,
We’re junkies fighting over money,
And when we die, we hope for heaven.
Piece for piece are we searching for luck,
And when we finally got it,
We just throw it away, cause we're thunderstruck.
We talk, just to listen to ourselves,
Being ignorant and overwhelmed,
Always encounter realms.
Doing anything just for some benefit,
It’s evident were too damn competitive.
An individual, heritage to stop negative,
Digital heavy staged, nonstop sensitive.
I just don’t understand these people.
We don’t work, neither alone or in groups,
A disease, we're the seeds,
Of both good and evil roots.
Can’t raise children, cause they’re illing,
Addicted to killin, and the smoke from the cap peeling,
Without feelings, but will they last or be shattered,
See this 'lil infant right here?
already a hard headed bastard.
Stucked in frustration, we question procreation,
Flashbacks of traps,
How did we get so fucking impatient?
Just to murder and hate each other,
On the news daily,
Another nation needs to recover,
And the government is watching you like a big brother,
I’m getting too pissed rapping of verse.
Evil brain and angel hearts, we utter much,
Can’t decide which side you on,
That's why you bitch is covering up,
Can't understand those,
with different flags behind their backs,
you feel like you could command rows.
And as they said,
You put your hands on your back,
Getting Cuffed while you laid,
Getting kicked in the legs,
Be barely breathing with your lungs,
A couple guns, and you be leaking,
Tho we always seeking for more hope,
At places young kids get groped,
Until one of them takes the rope,
they see no light,
again another head began to slope.
Never understand those.
I just really can’t understand fuccing human.
Just when the coat is off, we enter the rain,
We the creator of our own pain,
Still ain't ready for change.
And the darkness overcomes,
At night you’re on your knees,
alone, please, 
you don’t wanna have the lonelies and leave.
Every morning we get up and perform,
Cause everybody needs to know,
That you is out playing a show,
and when its over,
Everybody go,
Cause they got no dough,
though you wanted to grow, so?

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